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Afiriki Consulting is an IT firm that builds technologies to help African micro, small, and midsized enterprises (MSMEs) scale and grow. 

In order to fulfill our mission, we launched Snapcen, a suite of web and mobile applications that enable African MSMEs to receive and track sales in real-time via a unique QR code, launch cost-effective and targeted digital ad campaigns, and access personalized financial products and services from third-party providers.

IT Courses Available Online

We've built our applications over existing technologies like mobile money while taking Africa's IT infrastructure gap into consideration, enabling us to build a payment solution for African MSMEs to seamlessly receive and track sales digitally with just a mobile money account and without the need for a smartphone or internet connection. 

We also connect MSME founders, students, working professionals, etc., to professional short online courses and certifications in information technology from internationally acclaimed institutions.

Mission Statement

Preemptively identify and neutralize threats and fortify clients' systems against potential cyber breaches, all while helping to bridge Africa's IT skills gap.

Vision Statement

Make Africa's cyberspace more secure.

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